Q : How can I import my list ?
A : 1st Step : Ensure that you have the file of your list in the right format. For example, if it’s an excel, save it in the .csv format (“File”; “Export”; “Other format”). However, if it’s a .txt or any other format with text, make sure that it’s in the form of the following example :

2nd Step : Use the “Import” function of the software in “File”; “Import”. Then choose the file which contains your list.

3rd Step : Click on the “Load” button in “File”; “Load”. Then choose the .xml file name “ImportedData” that is in the software’s folder.

 Q : How can I change the language ?

A : Just go to “File” menu, then “Settings”, choose your language and restart the software.

Q : How can I know the current saving location ?

A : Go to “Help” menu, then “About” tab.

Q : How can I use the Linux and Mac version ?

A : Open the terminal, and type java -jar Steam_Trader_Tools.jar.

Q : I can’t get it working on linux, what can I do ?

A : You have to install OpenJDK8 and OpenJFX, or just Oracle JDK